Have you tried a fish pedicure?

Have you tried a fish pedicure?

Dried-out skin on the foot is a common problem and you will find many different ways to treat this however possibly the oddest is the using fish to eat away at the useless and dry skin. Numerous pedicure health spas will provide a pedicure using the fish. They will use the types, Garra rufa which usually eats dead skin. It has been advocated it may even be utilized for the skin problem, psoriasis. The Garra rufa species of fish has no teeth, so it simply consumes the dead skin cells by munching away at that useless or unhealthy epidermis, giving the actual ‘pedicure’. There isn’t any published data on the use of this process and most of the support for it is dependant on marketing, recommendations and also stories. A few feedback happen to be made on the soothing micro massage which comes through the feeding action of the fish. …[read more]

Would you consider a fish pedicure for dry skin on your feet?

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