The Six Determinants of Gait

The Six Determinants of Gait

A normal walking gait pattern depends on some key biomechanical features that are known as the determinants of gait. These six determinants of gait were introduced by Saunders in 1953, and have been widely embraced with some modifications and minor issues. The determinants of gait are considered important as they ensure a more economical locomotion by the reducing the vertical centre of mass movement that leads to a reduction in the metabolic energy needed for movement. The principle underpinning this is that a better control of these determinants of gait leads to an increase in energy conservation and more efficient movement. The theory that does underpin these determinants of gait are in conflict with the ‘inverted pendulum’ theory which views the static stance leg acts as a pendulum that follows an arc. … [read more]

Determinants of Gait
Determinants of gait discredited?

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