Could concussion be monitored through urine samples?

Could concussion be monitored through urine samples?

Concussion can be frustratingly hard to diagnose and track. The injury doesn’t show up on routine brain scans, and there is no definitive diagnostic test. It’s usually diagnosed based on symptoms, and, in athletes, comparison with baseline testing if it was done. But concussion symptoms are non-specific, unreliable, and easily influenced by emotions.

“Athletes usually want to go back to their sport, so lots of times they say, ‘I feel great, doc,’ putting themselves at risk should they sustain a second brain injury,” says William Meehan, MD, a physician in the Division of Sports Medicine at Boston Children’s Hospital and director of The Micheli Center for Sports Injury Prevention. “But we’ve also had a lot of kids coming in worried, saying, ‘I’m not doing so well in school and I play soccer. Could it be a concussion?’ It would be great if a test could just tell us yes or no.” …[read more]

Don’t use urine therapy, it does not work

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