The Different Types of Foot Orthotics

The Different Types of Foot Orthotics

Foot orthotics are widely used to treat a wide range of different foot problems. The preponderance of the published scientific research shows that they are generally successful. However not all foot orthotics are created the same and all the different ones have different effects in different people and these differences can affect the outcomes. You an get foot orthotics support over the counter for yourself and it may or may not be what your foot needs. Alternatively, you could get quite a complicated custom-made foot orthotic design that is needed to meet the needs of your feet. The range of options available to clinicians for custom made foot orthotics is quite substantial. The problem is that if one of the wide range of options that are available does not help, does that mean that foot orthotics are not going to help your problem or does it mean the wrong foot orthotic was used. It is a difficult decision that clinicians have to make, and they will need to draw upon all of their experiences as well as the research evidence to make the right decision for each patient…. [read more]

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